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Video Streaming

In this day and age it is important to do what ever you can to make your company stand out from the crowd. With various industries being highly competitive it’s useful to give your website that competitive edge that will make it more informative, user friendly and interactive.

This is where video streaming comes in. You can stream videos on your website to make it more interactive which helps to maintain the interest of the visitor.

IT3.com has developed their very own streaming media player that gives all our clients the option to add video to their websites. Our solution has been developed to compile the video whilst it is playing allowing the visitor to view the video straight away without having to wait for it to download. It can be particularly tiresome for visitors if they have to keep waiting for the video to download fully before they can watch it.

Why should you use video streaming?

Online Video Streaming

Using our own website as an example you can see how effective it can be on a website to have live streaming visual aids. We feel that it helps to give the website a more personal touch giving you the chance to see who’s behind the company. It can also help the visitors build up a relationship with a company before they’ve had any personal contact.

Most businesses work so hard at getting visitors to their website but once they are there what are they actually doing to interact with the visitor. Video is a great way to really show off your products and services, show them in action demonstrate how easy they are to use or how great they look. Video is an extremely powerful tool and if used correctly can really transform visitors into customers.

Most visitors will just skim through most of the text on your web page, just as you've probably done with this page, but video will catch their eye.

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Video Streaming

Get video streamed on your website professionally!

Add something special to your website. Rachel Weybourne, Marketing Director talks to you about how you can have video on your website to really help your visitors find out about everything you offer and who you are. You work hard to get visitors to your site - why not find out how to WOW them when they are there.


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