What is Search Engine Optimisation?

More people each day use the search engines to collect information and find websites online. With over 13.9 million households in Great Britain with internet access (source: National Statistics) – this is more than half of the UK’s population, promoting your product and services above competition remains key.

Research shows that most people using search engines only look at the sites listed on the first 3 results pages. Try typing your products or services in Google and check your company’s website position. If you are not listed you are potentially losing a lot of business!

There are two ways to improving your website rankings on search engines. One is through paid for advertising (sponsored links) and the other is through natural (or organic) listings.

Natural listing is achieved through Search Engine Optimisation techniques which enable websites to be search engine friendly. This means that web pages contain everything the search engines are looking for. Search engines value websites that are relevant and are user friendly – which means websites that have information visitors are looking for and are also easy to use. Therefore sites that are search engine optimised get more traffic by making sure the content is relevant to visitors, and offer better user experience.


The criteria search engines use to rank websites is called ‘algorithms’ – these are used by search engines such as Google to ensure that the pages highly ranked are relevant to internet users and also to fight off ‘spam’ pages. Search engines are constantly changing the algorithms to make sure that their listings are always up to date and, most importantly, contain the information internet users are looking for.

The Solution

Our Search Engine Optimisation specialists monitor the search engines on a daily basis so you have the best chance to get your website highly ranked. Also, as our software is all written in house, we are able to incorporate the latest algorithms updates into the SEO Site Builder – these updated benefits will be automatic to all our clients. If you would like to find out more about Search Engine Optimisation give us a call on 0800 644 6894.

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