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Content Management Systems

At IT3.com we specialise in developing content management systems with built in Search Engine Optimisation. The great advantage of using a content management system to control your website is that you are able to keep all the content on your website fresh and up to date.

When your website is developed solely through website designers it means that any changes you want to make on your website you have to request for the changes to be done. This can often cause timely delays meaning your content isn’t as up to date as you need it to be. It can also be extremely costly for businesses who want to make regular changes. Using a content management systems will mean you are able to make changes whenever you please giving you complete control of your website.

At IT3.com we offer two content management system solutions SEO Sitebuilder and SEO Startup. To find out more see the tabs below.

Want to be able to manage your site yourself?

SEO Sitebuilder


The SEO Sitebuilder content management system stands far higher than other systems due to its flexibility, ease of use, cost effectiveness and extra features. The innovative Microsoft award winning product has also been developed in such a way that no technical knowledge is needed to use it. Unlike other content management systems SEO Sitebuilder is not database driven. However, one of its main unique selling points is that it has been developed from the ground up using the best search engine optimisation techniques.

SEO Sitebuilder contains many automatic features that will enhance your chances of being highly ranked within the search engines. We have in house specialists that monitor the search engines on a regular basis. As we have written the software ourselves we can continually update SEO Sitebuilder to take into consideration the new search engine algorithms. All clients will receive these updates automatically.

SEO Sitebuilder is continuously being developed and enhanced with additional Plug-ins to produce a range of personalised options for a greater number of industries and requirements. Such as news stories and events, FAQ’s and cast newsletters. These Plug-ins can enhance your website with different ways to attract visitors and keep them interested whilst on your site.

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How do we do it?

Be in control of your website!

Rachel Weybourne, Marketing Director demonstrates what a content management system is and how it can help you online. See how it can give you the ability to manage your own website easily.


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