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Displays 2 Go
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Displays 2 Go are one of the UK’s leading suppliers in exhibition displays and graphics. Based in Wales, Displays 2 Go have over 20 years knowledge and experience in the exhibition industry, they’re specialist team provide superb results to successfully promote their clients businesses.


Displays 2 Go were looking for increased functionality within their website. They already had an existing site and had begun to sell online. However, due to their competitive market they wanted to have a sophisticated and highly functional system to help them sell online giving them the opportunity to obtain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

The new website was going to be a platform to raise awareness of exactly what Displays 2 Go has to offer. They needed a website which was search engine friendly and optimised to help them get ranked higher then their competitors to make sure they were the first option to the online visitor.

Solution provided

IT3.com recommended that Displays 2 Go used SEO Ecommerce as a way of powering their online website and shop. SEO Ecommerce is a highly flexible system which can be tailored to the specific requirements of each client. SEO Ecommerce has been created from the ground up with search engine optimisation in mind. This means that Displays 2 Go can get found in search engines for not only who they are but they will also get pushed to the top of the search engine rankings for their products too.

SEO Ecommerce provides visitors with a smooth and enjoyable online shopping experience. Within SEO Ecommerce there is a refine your search facility this enables shoppers to easily find what they are looking for within 2 clicks. Online visitors will also be benefiting from the structure with in SEO Ecommerce. The online shop structure automatically meets W3C and W3C CSS standards of accessibility, which means the site is easy to browse and, most importantly, to purchase! Creating a user friendly website ultimately helps to increase the levels of customer service and satisfaction.

After looking at all of Displays 2 Go’s requirements there were a few additions we made to the SEO Ecommerce. As they are predominantly a B2B (business to business) business they wanted to show all of their products with Pre Vat prices, rather than a retail shop like West Bromwich Albion Football Club who want all of the products displayed with VAT. This update was added into the system to give all clients the choice of which way they would like to display their prices.

We provided Displays 2 Go with SEO RetailManage free of charge, so that they could add their products in to their new website. SEO Retailmanage enables them to manage all of their products and add the product images easily. Displays 2 Go had a few bespoke products that varied in cost depending on the size the customer wanted them to be. Therefore we developed additional software that enabled their visitors to select the length of a banner that they would like to purchase and the width, the system would then calculate the cost of the product depending on the values the visitor entered. SEO Ecommerce has been now been tailored to meet the specific requirements of Displays 2 Go and it wont end there. As our clients businesses grow we adapt their website in line with them and new technologies. They also have full use of the SEO SiteBuilder technology to add additional pages to the site.


“We are very pleased with the new website that IT3.com has created for us. We are already experiencing considerable benefits from having an ecommerce shop with a vast number of orders coming through the website. The look and feel of our site matches precisely what we were envisioning and we’re impressed at how IT3.com has managed to meet all our requirements. We have also received outstanding support and customer service from the team and we are looking forward to working closely with IT3.com to enhance our site further in the future.” Paul Adams Director, Displays 2 Go.

To check out the new site go to www.displays2go.co.uk

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